Paul Falkowski


Paul Falkowski

I started my career working with the bank in 93. I worked my way up to senior lender/adviser and in that time I learned a ton about money and how people managed or rather didn’t manage their money. I left the bank in 2001 and began my career of real estate investing full time as I was building my knowledge for the past year before I left the bank.

I dove off into the deep end of the pool with no water wings to save me. I left a good job and proceeded to work in building my own business with no income coming in but it was out of necessity, as I was not happy living in structured corporate life. So I did what ever I had to do; from cleaning houses to looking for great housing deals and selling them off to other seasoned investors. This was working to survive but I was also learning at a crazy pace because I lived real estate. After my first year I had 12 properties of my own as I had found a money investor who was interested in setting up a company and buy property. With my banking background the paperwork was not a challenge and reading legal documents were a familiar practice.

By 2006 I had purchased over 120 properties and a portfolio of over 80 property rentals most were single family homes. By this time I was married and moved my parents to a house that we bought for them. My wife and I also bought a house for her mom as we wanted them to also enjoy in the fruits of our labor.

In 2007 I started to sell off my portfolio as the market seem to be peeking out and I did not want to be caught in a large downturn. Better to leave something on the plate for someone else than to get too greedy. The sentiment was that the housing boom was going to go on for every but one thing my mentor burned into my brain was “Pride just before the fall” and the environment was full of pride. So I decided to sell.

From 2008 on, I was looking for the next opportunity for me to invest into and was also starting to read more about economics, geopolitics, world market fundamentals, world trade, and generally how we are all inter connected in some way or another.

in 2011 I purchase agricultural land and a bison herd with one of my partners going way out of my comfort zone. I was leaning heavily on my partner as he had more experience than I had. Soon things started to fall apart as I felt like a duck out of water and by the time I decided to get out by 2014 I was heavily indebted and lost about half a million.

From 2014 on I was back to square one. I was sad about the loss and the business partnership breaking apart and I was floating with no direction. I read more and I looked at more businesses and ideas but nothing really grabbed me as to something I can put my heart into. I tried a few ideas and put effort into each of these new company ideas but it did not seem to be working out for me.

Now in 2015, I have found my way back to real estate investing but a few close friends also suggested I should be coaching. So I started helping others who wanted to begin investing or are investing and needed to a guide and learn a set of skills so that they could avoid a lot of the problems, costs, setbacks and failures by learning from someone who has already failed, succeeded and done the work firsthand. Why blaze a trail when one has been made for you.

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