Paul Falkowski

April 5, 2016
by Paul F

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ARE You missing the gorilla in the room?

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If you dont know the rules of the game

Karatbars 2 Minute Preview

Karatbars Explained by Howard Olsen

Karatbars 22 min Video

James Richards: Why Gold? Why Now?

Phone Calling : Despicable Me

January 8, 2016
by Paul F

Go See The Big Short. NOW!!

Holly crap balls!!!

What a fantastic movie. Everyone and I mean everyone needs to go see this movie and then discuss what it is all about. If you have some trouble picking up some of what is going on then go see it again. No, I mean it.

Listen to me for a minute.

What you don’t know that is going on in Wall Street and the big banks has already effected you and after you watch this movie you will understand WHY. Not only that but the problem has not gone away it has only gotten bigger!!! Probably 100x bigger.

If 2008 was bad, almost causing a complete shut down, wipe out of banking and markets where everything locks up then what is to come will be like 2008 on super steroids!! I mean absolute crazy!!!